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3 tips for you to start your Digital Painting in Photoshop

Digital painting is create all organic forms by only contrast between dark and light. but not lines, so it is very important to practise how to apply pressure to create gradients! Here are 3 tips about how to practise your Digital Painting Skills for beginners in Photoshop!

First things first, let's grab a brush!

start art workshop Teach digital painting brush
image source: start ART workshop

  • Tip 1 "B" on your keyboard, is the shortcut for getting a brush in photoshop. So you can change to Brush mode in no time. image source: start ART workshop

image source: start ART workshop

  • Tip 2 Go Brush setting by "F5" on your keyboard ! When you want to use a different type of brush, you need to go brush setting.

image source: start ART workshop

  • Tip 3 Lastly, knowing just little bit about Brush in photoshop can go, use the 2 brushes on the left can help to do most of the Digital painting!

You are one step away from your dream only!

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