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It's time to start your own Manga!

Learn cool drawing techniques and story-telling skills from Professional Manga Artist !

Start Art Workshop Crossover Hong Kong Professional Manga Artist

Get everything you need to start your own Manga in 8-week course

Introducing 8-week Course with Expert Manga Artist by Start Art workshop

Start Art workshop Crossover Professional Artist Session :

8-week Course with Expert Manga Artist (Foundation)

  • Target: Suitable for any beginner who is interested in Anime / iPad drawing

  • Software: clip studio + hand drawn

  • Limit: limited to 5 people at the same time (small class teaching)

There are 2 parts in every lesson. Experts will teach you all you need to finish your own comic!

Part 1 basics of comic skills

Character proportion + skeleton movement (Lesson 1)

Character appearance (Lesson 2)

Figures and Costumes (Lesson 3)

Falling ink and thick lines (Lesson 4)

Three-dimensional expression + shadow (Lesson 5)

Perspective (Lesson 6)

Character setting (Lesson 7 + 8)

Part 2 story script composition skills

Students' Participation in World View Setting (Lesson 1)

Character Setting (Lesson 2)

Story Outline (Lessons 3-4)

Script Writing (Lessons 5-6)

Mirror (Lecture 7-8)

You are one step away from your dream only!

Start Art Workshop - Digital Art Studio


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