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iPad Art.iPad繪圖興趣班

Weekly class with Expert Artist

  • HKD 1280 / 4 lessons
  • KT / TM / CWB

Service Description

此班另為日漸普及的iPad繪畫感興趣的學生而設, 針對電腦繪畫轉換iPad繪畫,解構固中少許操作不同, 如何使用手勢輔助,簡單上手, 不再困惑看著電腦而不知繪圖板畫到那裡。 教學方式同樣以臨幕著名作品為基礎,淺入淺出引導學生⋯⋯ 使用「最簡單」、「最便捷」的方法,模仿到畫作的效果。 讓學生以成功畫完,以獲取滿足感、成功感為優先。 從而按步就班提升難度⋯⋯一步一步認識 色彩、結構、透視、設計, 助你輕輕鬆鬆 去到那裡 畫到那裡。 Small class teaching. Limited spaces left. Welcome to inquire and make an appointment. This class is specially designed for students who have no prior knowledge of digital drawing. Through imitating famous works, we guide students to learn in the easiest and most effective way while optimizing the output. We lead students to finish their drawings with a sense of satisfaction and success. Difficulty will be increased gradually so that students will be able to understand the concepts of colors, structure, perspective and design step by step, and eventually create their own art pieces or even comic characters!

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

近APM商場 start ART workshop 啟藝畫室 觀塘, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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